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My psychology dissertation is done. If all goes well, I should have my second Masters early next year. That also explains my absence (in case you noticed :) ). I did poke my head out now and then but given the crap that was flying around, I receded like a tortoise.
We are all furious about Nirbhaya verdict with regard to the “minor” being let off. Emotions apart, this was an expected verdict. Firstly, the courts can give a judgement only within the framework of the penal codes. For example, a judge cannot say, according to this IPC, your punishment is too I will give you my own punishment. If laws are inadequate and they need amendment, it has to be passed in the Parliament. And therein lies the problem.  
Although Jyoti Singh’s case has been exceptional in its bestial nature, the stomach-churning truth is there are cases of comparable cruelty which never make it to the public and political discourse. The point is, sexual violence is always simmering in our society; it has bee…