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Decoding A Biker

A wonderful advantage of being a writer is that you get to connect with some truly fascinating people. I mean, what would you plan for your 60th birthday? A special puja? A family reunion? Or perhaps an exotic holiday for a week? Well, Deepak turned sixty recently. In celebration, he donned his leather gear, hopped on to his Enfield and set off on a 13000-kilometre road trip with his friend, Aditya Raj Kapoor. If that’s not fascinating...what is?

I’ve never ‘met’ Deepak in the literal sense. Four years ago, when the first edition of my book came out, Deepak (then a stranger) was one of the first to buy it, read it and  review it. He reached out to me with very kind and encouraging words – the only thing a debut author needs.
Ever since, I’ve been a quiet follower of Deepak’s travels – both on his wheels as well as through his camera. Here’s a link to his photo-streams: I’m sure you’ll agree with me...his photos are very kinetic capturing life in all its vibrancy, urgency and colours.