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Flower Power

There’s a delight in having flowers on the windowsill. I bought a couple of sunflowers this week, and it’s nice to look up from my laptop, to see those bright, bold, yellow smiles. A friend of mine, who is bonkers over sunflowers, said it brings a sense of harmony in her. For me, it’s the lilies. Pink lilies. Not only because they are stunning, but also because their fragrance reminds me of home. Lilies are the closest I can get to that whiff of jaaji, mallige and sugandharaja that envelopes our markets during festival times.
Coming to think of it, the fragrance of mallige is interwoven with all my childhood memories. Vegetable shopping in Malleswaram market also included flower shopping. We’d normally buy a moLa (a strand measured from the palm to the elbow) or two for the daily puja. We’d buy from one of the women sitting on the footpath, their flowers in a bamboo basket covered by a wet cloth. The key to buying a good moLa was to ensure the jasmines were still buds, and of course t…

The Art Of Storytelling

I’m participating in the International Author’s Day blog hop. Debdatta Sahay, a clever gentleman whom I’ve never met, is responsible for this brilliant idea of dedicating a day for celebrating authors (find him here). Considering we have international days for kidneys and hearts, this was really long overdue I’d say.
Now then, I had to write something special for this, yes? So I figured I’ll give you some gyaan. No, no...I can’t tell you how to win friends – I don’t have many. The few I have prefer to keep in touch online. The ones who live nearby invite me for tea whenever they need a good laugh. I can’t tell you how to make money either – I don’t have any. I can’t tell you how to impress the opposite sex. shouldn’t be taking that advice from someone who writes daft poetry and discusses boson theories. For the rest of the things that affect your life, I’m sure there is an app floating around somewhere...or at least a tickling video on Buzzfeed.  But, there is one thing I c…