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Pilgrimage is a “Long journey of search; especially one of exalted purpose or moral significance.” Going by that definition, two years ago, I undertook a pilgrimage. Not to any place of worship; but it was a personal shrine for me...and my journey was a pilgrimage no less.
On one of our road trips, The Husband gave me a treat...a 70 mile detour on our return route, all the way to the Bronte Parsonage at Haworth – home of the Bronte sisters who have moved me like no other authors. I had a strange sense of restlessness in my stomach. It’s the way you’d feel if you were meeting a long-lost family member for the first time...or perhaps a lover you’d only exchanged anonymous notes with. The traffic, in keeping with the weather, was miserable, increasing my restlessness. Finally we were out of the cluttered roundabouts; out of narrow lanes flanked by tired brick buildings of aging towns...out on to empty roads and vistas of green slopes masked by curling fog.
We stopped for lunch just out…

Curse Of The Mango Tree

Once upon a time, there was a tall and proud Mango Tree in a nondescript village. Indeed, the only redeeming factor about this dirt-poor village was the tree. The Mango Tree, as in the case of other great trees, had stood quietly, resolutely for many decades, giving forth its fruits summer after summer; spreading its shade year after year. Nothing affected this great tree – not the withering poverty around it; not the searing, dusty summers; not the frosty, brutal winters and not even the bellowing monsoons. It just stood, and worked through its karma – to bear fruit, give shade and provide shelter to myriad birds.
In spring and early summer, when its fruits were still raw and green and tangy, the koel made its way to the Mango Tree. The koel was the Tree’s favourite guest - she was a renowned singer: the herald of a first love, the announcer of spring, the coaxer of an early sunrise. She was a shy one, the koel, and so, the leaves of this great tree hid her as she sang forth lustily.