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Draupadi's Monologue

I know you remember me for that one incident. I'm not the last one to be disrobed though, is it not? Thousands of years later, you lot are still doing the same. How can you say you have changed? Progressed? You’ve just had an illusion of movement – but you remained at the same place.
Anyway there’s more to my life you know? There’s more you need to learn from my misfortunes. Unfortunately, you don’t. You choose to look for miracles and justifications instead.
It is said I was not born the biological way. No I was the result of a yagna performed by my adopted father King Drupada. My parent is Agni technically speaking, because I emerged from the sacrificial fire, along with my brother Drishtadhyumna. Actually, King Drupada was praying for a son who would take revenge on Dronacharya – the latter had defeated my father and had taken away half his kingdom. So my brother promptly vowed revenge and promised to kill Drona. But then Drishtadhyumna and I were twins – so I tagged along. …

Happy Birthday Amma!

What if I answered the door and you stood there,

Adjusting the jasmine strand on your plait

Smiling, chuckling, teasing

As if you’d never been away?

What if I answered the phone and you said ‘Hello?’

The smile radiating through your voice

Entering my ears and warming my heart

As if you’d never been away?

What if I turned a corner on the street

And ran into you as you’d turn and say

‘Shall we buy this?’

As if you’d never been away?

What if I watched the sunrise

And turned around to see you next to me

Saying ‘It’s beautiful isn’t it?’

As if you’d never been away?

What if I sat with a frown and

I suddenly feel your hand on my head

And hear you say, ‘Silly little worrier!’

As if you’d never been away?

It’s not wishful thinking I know,

I’m sure there’ll come a time

When the ‘what ifs’ will become ‘it is so’

At a special place where people don’t go away

Until then, Happy Birthday!

I’ve couriered a toothy smile and a happy thought

(For you wouldn’t accept anything less)

On a ray of dancin…

Taming The Beast

I was a weakling of a kid: slender as a reed, a handkerchief pressed to my ever-running nose (lack of resistance, the doctor said) and to top it all, a fainting problem – I’d drop to the ground every other day at the morning assembly – my body, having burnt energy cycling to school, could not hold me upright any longer. So, it’s a no brainer that I was no athlete.
I did like to tear around during the games period. I loved to run aimlessly, breathlessly, the blood pounding at my temples as I flopped in the sand pit dug out for long-jump. But then, I was held up by my ears, scolded for being undisciplined and running around like a hooligan. If I had to run, I had to be a part of a team I was told. Run a race. I hated it. Why can’t I just run freely? Why must I be timed, shamed in competition against girls who could outrun a deer? Why could I not run just for the fun of it? Of course I did not have the guts to ask all these questions. I lowered my head and said I did not want to run. An…