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Identity Crisis

At my age, it is not good to have identity crisis. I thought I was done with that shit as a teenager. After that, somehow I settled down, and now I’ve been knocked over like bowling pins. I don’t know if I am Bharatiya Nari or an Indian Woman, the latter being a western version of Bharatiya.
When this gentleman spoke so authoritatively on these two distinct identities, I knew I had to immediately suspend all my activities and figure this out. How can one continue into middle-age without knowing what one is?
So I examine my childhood. I grew up in a house where we do puja to a Narasimhar saligrama. I also know some shlokas. So I must be Bharatiya. Even now, whenever I see a temple, and I’m passing by, I touch my eyes lightly with the fingertips of my right hand –first on one eyelid then the other – a couple of times. This is the prescribed way to do a symbolic namaskara. Or, if there is a puja on in someone’s house, and they call for arshna kumkuma, I go leaping and bounding. I smear…