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The Tourist And The Poet


The last leg of our Scotland trip ended at Inverkip - a beautiful town/village near Glasgow. A 7-hour drive would bring us back home to bland, bald Reading. The weather on the return journey was made to order - sapphire blue skies and pearl clouds topped off with excess sunshine.

We took a break a little ahead of Manchester - at a Services spot somewhere near Kendal. We spotted picnic tables at one end of the parking lot - just perfect! We had packed a sumptuous lunch that befitted the picnic spot. But really, nothing could have prepared me for the view. I won't even bother describing it - take a look at the photos.
We oohed and aahed for a bit. Then growling tummies took over and out came the lunch. Phulkas, sabjis, salads, mishtis, juice, tea, biscuits. We ate happily in the warm sunshine, cleared up and headed back to the car. Of course I could not leave without taking a few photos of the place. I headed back with my camera.
Just as I was selecting my perfect spot, …