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The First Born

The first born was planned on an impulse. Now those are two words that shouldn’t be together – impulse and planning. But that’s the story of my first born. Initially, the idea of the first born was a whim. It drew out a chuckle. ‘Yeah, right!’ I said. But the idea lodged firmly, and nudged and nibbled at my brain. Like the tongue feeling a loose tooth. ‘I don’t want to start something that I can’t finish!’ I said to myself. And drowned myself in grand novels, insipid movies and longer walks.
As time went by, the idea had morphed into a fever, tormenting me. I would lie awake for hours, in suspended animation, as I watched the fever devour my thoughts ravenously. I saw faces, places, heard voices. I tossed and turned. I woke up with red-rimmed eyes. I wanted to sleep peacefully, dreamlessly, thoughtlessly. But every waking moment, every sleeping moment, I would hear sentences echoing in my head.
I could not take it any longer. ‘What do you want me to do?’ I whispered. ‘Create us!’ th…


GUEST BLOG by Karthik

Karthik and I have never met in person. Yet, if he probably calls me at 3 in the morning, and asks me to pick him from the airport...I will. I'll kick his ass...but I will pick him up. So what is the kinship we share? We are not even in the same age group. Answer - literature and movies. For a generation whose only exposure to fiction has sadly been Chetan Bhagat, Karthik (and his circle of friends) stood out like roses in a cactus garden. First of all he ds nt rite lyk dis. We both share the love for the written language, in its prose, in its correctness, in its vocabulary. Secondly, if Frederick Forsyth wants to adopt, we both would be first in the queue. I have rarely come across a young person who loves literature, and is passionate about pursuing any option in literature, despite being an engineer by qualification! You can read some of Karthik's fantastic crime short stories at

I asked Karthik, who writes a…

Auto Rajas!


Visiting India on a holiday is a remarkable experience. Especially when one is not pressed for time to get to any place in general. Half the vacation goes in waiting in traffic jams. That’s when I realized that while in Bengalooru, I am always in the company of street-side movie stars. I started to love traffic jams. It was like a constant street- theatre in action. During my holiday, I had to entirely rely on autos to get around. Tiresome, wearisome autos. Yet, the entertainment was wholesome. Oh! You need to be familiar with Sandalwood industry to appreciate my experience.

My first encounter with ‘celebritydom’ was when I hired an auto to ferry me from Sarjapur ring road to Koramangala. I stood beside the auto and asked politely ‘Koramangala ಬರ್ತೀರ?’ I waited patiently for a response. The driver was busy with an SMS. I did not know if that neck-twitch meant ‘yes’ or ‘no’. SMS was done. He flicked his shoulder-length unruly hair and said ‘ಬನ್ನಿMadam!’ Aah! My first meeting with…