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My career options

A good friend of mine came up with his wish-list of alternate career options. All sensible and robust just like him.
That got me thinking. Right now, I don’t have a career. I pretend to be a writer. So what would my options look like? No one has accused me of being sensible, robust or intelligent for that matter. So my options might seem a bit flamboyant for you snooty buggers. But I assure you, by the end of the post, you will sense the smell of success.
I always had a strange ambition – I wanted to design the opening credits for James Bond movies. I am creative that way. Especially now with Windows Move Maker, I can slap a couple of pictures or video frames together, shove in a song, and viola! Not convinced? There was a contest where we had to design an ad for selling a perfume that smells like fish. I won the first place. What’s that? No...I think you made up that word. I don’t know any word that g…